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Rabbit Carrier

Only pet lovers can understand the attachment one has with their pets. You purchase them at a small age, feed them and with time they become an integral part of your life. You see them grow in front of your eye and with most pets, they become a part of your family. 

Best Rabbit Carrier

If you have a bigger pet then it might be difficult but with smaller pets like rabbits, you can easily carry them around. Whether you are going out for picnics or traveling on the plane, more times than not you would think of taking them with you. Therefore, it is vital to have a good carrier that allows for easy traveling. A good carrier is not only useful when traveling, it can come in handy even when you take your rabbit to a vet. Therefore, it is necessary to have a light in weight, durable, right fit, easy to clean and ventilation space carrier.

The animal, even as small as a rabbit does have its own weight. Hence, it is crucial to select a carrier that does not have much of a weight. If the carrier is completely made of plastic then there are more chances that it would be slightly lighter as compared to the ones that are made of plastic and steel. When selecting the cage, make sure that the carrier is specifically made for rabbits. The material of the carrier should be sturdy, non-collapsible and most importantly the rabbit cannot chew the material to escape. Every carrier tends to have an entry and exit point in them but rabbits have a tiny mind of their own. They would prefer to make a new place to escape the cage. They have sharp teeth and can easily chew off soft plastic material. Therefore, it is very important to thoroughly check the material before purchasing the carrier.

Just like every other animal cage, rabbit carriers need to allow for easy cleaning. The owner should be able to clean it easily when the need arises otherwise slowly and gradually the waste can leave a daunting smell inside the carrier. Moving forward, it is essential to find the right size for your rabbit. It should not be too small that the rabbit is not able to move around, neither should it be too big that he gets slammed to the surroundings. The right fit would mean that the carrier is easy to enter and exit, the rabbit can comfortably lie down any direction of its liking and does not get hurt. Moreover, the base of the inside of the carrier should not be slippery. The last thing you need is to see your rabbit not able to get on his or her feet. The slippery material is also dangerous because it can cause injuries to the little fellow during carriage. 

Moving forward, last but not the least, the carrier should have a good ventilation system. The odor of the animal and his/her wastage can make the carrier difficult to carry if the ventilation system is not up to the mark. Apart from the door, there should be tiny space that would allow for the air to pass around.