Bluehost Coupons & Review 2019

Providing a powerful source of web hosting in 2017, Bluehost was first launched among college students in 2004. Creating a reliable, fast, and secure provider, these folks have crafted a company known for being on the ball when it comes to tech support — and also extremely responsive in terms of tech knowledge. With servers located in US, Europe, and Asia, the company offers WP CLI, site staging, Git, and other developer options, as well as CMS ranging from WordPress, Joomla, to Drupal.

Bluehost Review

In our Bluehost review, we’ll discuss features, plans, pricing, coupons, and additional important facts about this web hosting service.

Bluehost Review

On the whole, Bluehost is reviewed as a provider of very fast and responsive service. The company is known for being one of the best offerings around, thanks to their excellent reputation, low pricing, and unlimited bandwidth. Their prices start at just seven dollars per month, which is a very low rate for the number of features you get with teach plan.

Bluehost Pricing and Plans

Included in Bluehost’s plans are three different options. The first is the startup plan, which starts at $7 per month and offers a free domain, unmetered transfers, and one domain name as well as 10GB of disk space. The supercacher feature works as a static option only. Their second plan is the Growbig plan, which offers unlimited websites and goes at $10 per month. The GoGeek plan is $15 per month and offers both dynamic and static supercacher support as well as added developer features, PCI compliance, a free domain, and unlimited websites.

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Bluehost Features

This company offers a number of great features including HTTP/2, PHP7 and up, supercacher, Cloudflare CDN, free daily backups, free domain names, and a 99% uptime guarantee. In addition, the company offers free transfers and site setups, as well as SSD storage for faster load times and better responsiveness. You will also receive unlimited DB support, emails, bandwidth and tech support on a 24/7 basis. The company gives you a 30 day guarantee for money back in case you are not happy with your purchase.

Advanced Server Technology

There are a lot of important tech features that Bluehost provides which other companies do not. For example, you get NGINX support, which is a web server offering high performance that can be used in reverse proxies. This will allow for dynamic content, increased performance during caching, and better load times on the whole. The company also provides SSD storage, which is important for decreasing load times and lag, as well as making your site as reliable as possible. Bluehost offers memcached system tech which boosts performance by as much as 70% and gives it a bit boost over other similar web hosting companies.

Bluehost Coupons

Offered through Bluehost are a number of different coupons and discounts including seasonal discounts like spring, summer, and fall reduced prices or 50% off on certain purchases. In addition, Bluehost offers coupons for 40% off your first annual plan, first signup, or initial setup. You can also get discounts on your first transfer from one web hosting service to another using Bluehost.

Bluehost Customer Service

This company is known for their incredibly responsive customer support and service. Users often report that the ticket wait time with Bluehost is less than 10 minutes, making them one of the fastest responders ever. If you screw something up while installing WordPress, or can’t get your htaccess 301 redirect to work for some reason, their techs will quickly get on the job and help you out.

Wide Range of CMS Choices

No matter what your favorite CMS may be, Bluehost likely supports it. The company has support for Magento, Joomla, WordPress, and other options as well. They are extremely promising in terms of tech knowledge and can help you out with any issues you might have. This means that users who like using content management systems over other types of setup can easily get access to the tools they need.

High Uptime and Reliability Ratings

One of the great features of Bluehost is the fact that they truly live up to their uptime and reliability promises. Instead of being slow to respond, they quickly get on the job when there is a problem and make sure their servers are responsive and monitored in real time. Their uptime is very high thanks to the company’s servers, built in custom regions and with custom technology, using software that monitors their units around the clock — and can even resolve 80% of all problems without needing a person to check it out.

Their servers are tracked in real time, as opposed to every five or so minutes which is the standard for most hosts. Their system thus needs a lot less downtime and can quickly be altered to ensure premium reliability and uptime.

Speedy Loading Times

Thanks to the use of a content delivery network, Bluehost offers a very fast caching and load time promise. Using the CDN, your website visitors will be served a special version of the site that is hosted on servers located nearest to them. This allows users to load sites much faster than if they were accessing them using regular non-CDN technology.

User Reviews and Feedback

Users of Bluehost typically leave very promising reviews about the company. One user mentioned that instead of having to repeatedly install a bunch of different CMS choices and work frustratedly through her site design, she was able to just contact a single rep through Bluehost. This employee helped her set up her site in a few minutes and get all her problems and issues resolved right away.

Another customer pointed out that Bluehost’s pricing was some of the best he had found anywhere, and this allowed him to keep costs low while scaling up his online business.

Thanks to their excellent customer service, inexpensive pricing options, and high quality site delivery, Bluehost is one of the best web hosts out there. We recommend them with a full 5/5 stars and suggest the use of coupons to reduce your costs even more. On the whole, Bluehost provides reliable and responsive technology for all web hosting needs.